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Have a look at some common questions asked by people interested in our services. 

If you still need more information then please get in touch with the contact details opposite.

Many people who experience problems with their mental health do not get a formal diagnosis. Similarly many people who live with autism have not been formally diagnosed either. My Life Dynamic doesn’t want the absence of a formal diagnosis to be a barrier for you to get the benefit of accessing the service, so if you are experiencing problems with your mental health, or live with autism, we’re here to help. 

Most of the services delivered by My Life Dynamic are open to self-referral, but there are one or two exceptions where you will need to be referred by your Community Mental Health Team. We also accept referrals from other providers such as GP’s and Social Workers (always with your permission though). The best thing to do is to give us a call or drop us an email and we can talk about what you need and how best to access the right support. 

We advertise our volunteering opportunities at www.samh.org.uk/information/work-with-us/vacancies.

You don’t need qualifications or years of experience, we will ensure that you have the right training for the role you volunteer for.

What we do need is enthusiasm, respect for those we support and a commitment to making a real difference.

My Life Dynamic is an entirely free service for those who use it, so you won’t have to pay anything to us in order to access any part of the service. 

My Life Dynamic is not a ‘building based’ service. Instead our teams work throughout Aberdeenshire and we typically agree a neutral, confidential space to meet with you somewhere in your local community.

If getting out of the house presents a real challenge for you, then please speak to us so we can work out how to make sure that doesn’t stop you from being able to access My Life Dynamic.

Cultivate, our Social Therapeutic Horticulture Service has fixed bases at Aden Country Park, Mintlaw; Landale Gardens, Peterhead and in partnership with Daniel’s Place, Macduff. As well as having fixed locations, Cultivate is the only Social Therapeutic Horticulture service of its kind in the UK that also provides the service on an outreach basis. So if getting to any one of our sites is not possible, don’t worry because we will take the service to you!

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       For more information please email on enquiries@mylifedynamic.org.uk  or call 0300 1234 677.