Tackling low mood and stress, Living Life to the Full is an eight-week course aimed at adults who want to understand and change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

With the help of a little book and expert guidance at each session, participants learn how to sort out their feelings when they feel low, worried or hopeless and will learn skills to help them tackle problems in their life. It's also an opportunity to meet new people!

These courses are being run as part of a pilot study commissioned by SAMH. Sessions last for around 2 hours and will take place on a weekly basis.

  • Why do I feel so bad? – Teaches how to use the Five Areas Assessment
  • I can’t be bothered doing anything – Teaches behavioural activation to help people increase activity
  • Why does everything always go wrong? – Helps people combat negative thoughts
  • I’m not good enough – How to overcome low confidence
  • How to fix almost everything – Problem solving for practical problems
  • The things you do that mess you up – Problem solving for unhelpful behaviours
  • Are you strong enough to keep your temper? – Techniques for mild anger and irritability
  • 10 things you can do to help you feel happier straight away10 small steps to feeling fitter and happier

For more information on the Living Life to the Full programme, please visit the Living Life website.

       For more information please email on enquiries@mylifedynamic.org.uk  or call 0300 1234 677.