Are you looking to work or to learn something new? Work, whether paid or unpaid, is an important part of life. It forms a fundamental part of your identity and significantly contributes to your sense of purpose. 

If you are looking for a fresh approach to support you to engage with the employment market then our SWEL service is for you. 

SWEL works with you to develop an understanding of why working would be good for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Our resilience coaches will help draw from you your skills and talents which will help you reach your employment aspirations. 

SWEL is a coaching approach that works first to inspire, then to empower and then to enable. 

Learning is one of the 5 ways to better mental wellbeing, and the importance of life-long learning is as strong a need as employment. It contributes to our continued sense of growth and gives us hope for a better future. So at SWEL, we place an importance in helping you access learning opportunities. 

We will explore with you how you feel about learning and what you would like to achieve. Together we can put together a plan, formal or informal, but based around your aspirations.

       For more information please email on  or call 0300 1234 677.