At My Life Dynamic we know that talking is one of the first steps to better mental health. We simply can’t measure the importance of a conversation in supporting recovery and moving forward with your life. 

The Listening Project is a therapeutic confidential service provided by experienced volunteers who are trained by our team of qualified counsellors.

We will provide you with an opportunity to talk through the main problems that you are facing with someone who is here to listen, in confidence and without judgement.

For some, the service will be enough to help you get back on track, but for others who might need more help,  the service can be a very helpful stop-gap while waiting to access more specialist support that your GP will refer you to.

These sessions are about you. We will work with you to explore the main issues and problems you are experiencing then look at practical things you can do to make things better. Together, we will discover new ways to cope when things do go wrong so you are less likely to need specialist support in the future and feel more prepared to cope with challenges that come your way.   

The Listening Project provides up to six sessions if you are referred by your CPN or other member of the Community Mental Health Team. 

And what’s more this service can be delivered at a place and time that works best for you. From meeting in person at nearby community facilities to talking on the phone or using Skype rather than having to travel miles. Your listening volunteer will work round you and what’s best to suit your needs.

       For more information please email on  or call 0300 1234 677.